Welcome to Sales Resourcing The sales pipeline specialists
"Our mission is to build sales pipelines, in order to boost sales and to maximise our clients' bottom line profitability."
Thanks for visiting our site today - how did you arrive here? - Hopefully not
by accident!
Maybe you want to launch a new product into the market but don't want to spend all your launch money on an expensive full time sales person?
Perhaps you already have a sales person/team and are looking for additional resource?
Does your sales team need a lift? - Maybe they need some motivational training?
Perhaps your sales team are not performing how they should be and you'd like to find out why? - Do you need a sales healthcheck?

Selling in today's market is as tough as it's ever been and we could all do with some help from time to time. The beauty of what we do is exactly that, the 'from time to time' stuff!
Whilst we would love to work for you on a full time basis, all year round! In reality you probably don't need that - if you did then you would employ someone on a full time basis, wouldn't you?
No, we are here to help you with the troughs in your sales cycle - because lets face it probably anyone can handle the peaks!

Whatever your reason for visiting us today - you are very welcome and I hope that we can be of service to you in some way.

Les Parsonson

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