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"Our mission is to build sales pipelines, in order to boost sales and to maximise our clients' bottom line profitability."
New Account Sales

The lifeblood of any organisation but how effective is your sales team at the sharp end! At least 50% of your efforts should be focussed on new business - 100% if you're a start-up!

SRL's new Account Sales services include:

Effective targeted cold calling
Effective sales visits
Effective sales Presentations
Effective board level closing presentations

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Account Management

You did really well getting the business (maybe we helped you!) now you've got to develop it and most importantly keep it!

Account Management is a mix of looking after the business you've won and developing new business within the account - sometimes forgotten by the account manager!

SRL's Account Management services include:

Account planning & profiling
Targeting key decision makers
Targeted campaigns
Relationship development
Key account events

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Lead Generation & Pipeline Management

So you've got a great product or service and you've identified your target market(s) - now all you need to do is get in touch with them! - Easier said than done?

What organisations? - What regions? - Who in the organisation is going to benefit from your new product/service? - How exactly do you go about targeting your prospects?

SRL's Lead Generation & Pipeline Management services include:

Purchase and management of target lists
Telemarketing scripts
Regular e-mail shots
In-house CRM system giving you full visibility of pipeline stages
Regular qualified leads (and we mean qualified!)

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Sales & Marketing Workshops

You have a great product or service but you are not sure how to launch it into the market? - You've got the technical know how but not the sales and marketing know how? - Money is tight and you don't want to employ an expensive Sales & Marketing Executive just yet!

SRL's Sales & Marketing workshop services include:

Help in identifying target markets
Goal/Pains sheet creation related to specific job titles & company sectors
Help with launch strategy
Help with on-going sales and marketing strategy
Help with pricing models
Proposal templates
Fresh eyes to look at your product/service - Features Advantages and Benefits
Comprehensive Sales & Marketing strategy document

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Sales Training

We all need help sometime, don't we?

Whether you have a team of top flight over achieving (you can't teach me anything) sales people, or a team of not quite achieving (but you still can't teach me anything) sales people, we can all benefit from some nugget of information that might just get us the deal.

SRL's Sales Training services include:

One2one sales training
Team sales training
Motivational days
Sales training for non-sales staff

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Sales Management

You have a good team of sales people (well maybe some are better than others!) but you do not have time to manage them on day to day basis.

SRL's Sales Management services include:

SWOT analysis of current sales team
Day-to-day management
Regular appraisals
Customer visits
Revenue Forecasting
Key Customer visits

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Sales Healthcheck

OK so you have a sales team, one's over achieving, two are nearly there, two are struggling and one has no hope of getting a sale! - Maybe you need a health check?

It is sometimes difficult to see 'the wood for the trees' and when you're in the thick of it you might make the wrong decision about individuals.

SRL's Sales Health Check services include:

Assessment of your sales team
Assessment of your sales processes and methodologies
Assessment of your sales tools (CRM etc)
Unbiased recommendations for improvement

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